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Advanced Material Explorer

Terms and Conditions

The Lab 808 provides several advanced materials to meet sustainable view, SUPERFINE 110, ROBUST, PURO, and OCHA. We will keep exploring and introducing more outstanding materials to the world.


Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Based on the production, different category will requires different MOQ:

  • SUPERFINE 110 ------------------- 1000 Y

  • RUBOST---------------------------- 1000 Y

  • PURO --------------------------------  500 Y

  • OCHA -------------------------------- 500 Y

To Support our clients, the MOQ of the first order and the last order can be adjusted through discussion with our sales representative.



Based on the production, general production lead time will be different for different category:

  • SUPERFINE 110 -------------------  40 days

  • RUBOST ---------------------------- 30 days

  • PURO -------------------------------  30 days

  • OCHA ------------------------------- 40 days

To support our clients, you are very welcome to discuss the short lead time. Meanwhile, we will ask for your understanding that L/T may be extended if there are uncontrolled condition happened, such as weather, auditing, annual repair, raw material shortage and so on. Meanwhile, The Lab 808 will not be responsible for air shipping due to postpone by uncontrolled condition.



For new clients, The Lab 808 requires 30% deposit when you place the order, and full payment before we delivery the goods. Order more than three times, please feel free to discuss with our sales representative for payment term.




Changes to your order only acceptable before we prepare the raw material. Cancellation will not allow once we proceed the production.




  • The Lab 808 will responsible for the shipping which can fit in our document envelop (290mm*385mm). We outsources all the shipment to 3rd party, such as SF express and Fedex to ensure the shipping quality.

  • The Lab 808 will not responsible for the shipping once the shipment is larger than our document envelop, such as mini-bulk. Our clients can choose their shipping method and provide their shipping account, we will arrange the shipment for you. Otherwise, the Lab 808 will arrange all the shipment through SF express or Fedex with COD (cash on delivery).

  • For mass production, we generally ship with FOB terms and arrange with our long term shipping partner. Please feel free to contact with our sales representative if you want to ship with different term or other shipping partner.




While The Lab 808 organizes the shipping of your order, The Lab 808 is not responsible for any import fees/customs charges. For all orders, any additional fees charged are the sole responsibility of the customer, also any requests for additional certificates or customs documentation.  The Lab 808 has no control over any additional taxes and/or import duties applied to the delivery of your order. For more information on customs, duties, taxes and other import charges, please contact your local customs office.

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