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  • How to measure lifespan?
    SUPERFINE 110 is not PU based, so the lifespan is comparative longer, at least 7 year. PU is very sensitive to humidity and heat. So, We use Jungle Test method to test hydrolysis resistance under 70C * 95% RH to test RUBOST, PURO, and O-CHA for 5 weeks. They show no crack under this test. That means under normal use, the leather will be have at least 5 years lifespan. Moreover, THE LAB 808 have up to 10 year formula for you to select. Please kindly contact with our sales representative for more information.
  • Can you do Anti-Bacteria and Anti-Mold?
    We can pass AATCC147 and ASTM G21 with treatment which REACH applicable. The type of bacteria and mold are shown on below table. If you request other test methods or bacterias, Please kindly contact with our sales representative for more information. Aspergillus brasiliensis / ATCC 9642 Enicillium funiculosum / ATCC 11797 Chaetomium globosum / ATCC 6205 Trichoderma virens / ATCC 9645 Aureobasidium pullulans / ATCC 15233 Staphylococcus aureus / AATCC 6538 Escherichia Coil / AATCC 8739
  • How to Maintain?
    Prompt cleaning is always recommended. Ordinary dirt and stains be removed with mild soap and water. Tougher stain can be removed with a 10% bleach solution or a 50% isopropyl Alcohol solution. Rinse the cleaned area with water and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth immediately after cleaning. If water or cleaning agent is left to sit on this material for a period of time, it may leave a white residue, which can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The material should be wiped multiple times until the residue is removed. Please do not let water sit on the material for an extended period of time, as this may leave a watermark. We strongly insist not to clean product with oily, milky cleaner, and glass cleaner. Those cleaners will cause chemical change for our product.
  • What is DMF?
    There are 2 chemical properties are associated with DMF. DMFu and DMFa. DMFa is Dimethylformamide, CAS 68-12-2. The solvent is used in process of traditional PU. This solvent could be transfer with water. Therefore, a lot of DMF will be left in the water and cause water pollution. DMFu is dimethyl fumarate, CAS# is 624-49-7. It is an anti-mold agent that people place for anti-mold purpose. Our products do not have DMFu. Meanwhile, SUPERFINE 110 and PURO do not contain DMFa. ROBUST and O-CHA can be controlled less than 100 PPM.
  • Will you update your third-party report?
    Generally, we will not update third-party full test every year unless there are a lot of new substance on the list. But we will evaluate the content of each new substance content and provide the third-party report accordingly.
  • What are in internal test report?
    Since the material will be used for different applications, the report will show different test method and standard. All of our products we have relevant report. If you want to add any new standard, please kindly discuss with sales representative in advance, it may affect to the composition and structure. However, if we do not have specific test equipment, we are not able to provide the internal test report.
  • Will you guarantee the composition?
    We will guarantee the composition after we set up the formula and sign the master card with our client. You can always take sample to do third part for testing. We only adjust the formula when you ask to change. We will provide the test sample for you to go through the production to make sure the new version is ok. Then all the master cards will be re-new when you confirm the new version is ok to use.
  • How will you deal with complaint?
    Once you find failure on any test from our agreements, please contact with sales representative and send us the defected product with quantity and production number. We will evaluate first. If the failure is about chemical, we will ask for third-party report. If the failure is about post production, we will ask for details of the production condition. Since we have traceable record, we will find out the root causes and discuss with you.
  • Can you pass Flame-Resistant test?
    We can pass TB-117, FMVSS302, BS5852. Some of material will need FR treatment, some of them are not. Please contact with sales representative to find more detail.
  • What kind of printing can you proceed?
    All of our collections can proceed with printing, includes cylinder printing and digital printing. Please contact with our sales representative for more information.
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