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Who We Are?

Sheng Dai Plastic Inc.↩︎ is established. We dedicate in plastic industry, includes PVC synthetic leather and PVC compound for injection. Mainly business markets are shoes, bags, and other consumer products.



There are many controversial comments about PVC and traditional Wet-Method PU, but we appreciate how much convenient they distribute to our life. Some say that PVC contains lot of hazards, however, through adjusting the formula, we can make PVC meets many chemical regulations around the world. Meanwhile, Wet-Method PU carries lot of negative reviews because of degradation, however, Wet -Method PU can be extended their durability if they are made with better formula. In nearly 50-year experience, we learn from the conversations with materials and clients.  

The awareness of Eco-Friendly has risen, a various type of green materials is emerged accordingly. However, which green material is a suitable choice for the finish good in different industry will be another discussion. Each material has unique appearance, chemical properties, and physical performance, due to the characteristics of its raw materials and the difference in production process. What kind of post production is suitable for the specific green material? Do we need to change the structure to improve the production efficiency? Or if there will has issues about durability? How to chose the qualified green material is the starting point for product development. Through our experiences and discussion with client, we wish we would help you to chose appropriate green material. This is our intention of the establishment of THE LAB 808.

In pursuit of the vision of living with the earth, the mission for THE LAB 808 is designing different types of qualified eco-friendly materials, includes vegan Leather and fabric. Those materials are environment, animal, and human friendly. Meanwhile, we provide the suitable solution to help constructing product much durable towards reducing the waste.

Why We Establish THE LAB 808?

How Do We Do?

Dear Valued Customers,

Good Day~

No matter you are our clients or potential clients, we are very happy to meet you here. Also, We appreciate your consideration of sustainability. Here we would like to share more views about our brand. When we decide to establish THE LAB 808, we believe sustainable need to consider all the creatures and objects on the planet. The three main parts, human, animals, and environment should not be defected and will be live together in harmony. So, we decide use 808 which contains gourds and circle to symbolize peaceful.

Sustainability is what people pursuing theses days. As a material supplier, we understand providing green material which has low impact to environment, toxin-free to the human, and no cruelty to animals are sub-themes to achieve the goal. So, the " S" for "Sustainability" is hidden in the first 8 of 808. However, based on our experiences, there has some difficulties to produce just one green material and can meet the standard of different applications. Our job is supporting our clients to receive qualified material to produce finished good. When the finished good is getting durable, that will save more space and resources for human, animal, and environment. We strongly believe a well-designed material is one of the solutions to achieve sustainable view. Therefore, the " S" for “Solution” is hidden in the second 8.

Besides products and service, The LAB 808 also makes efforts on different directions which towards sustainability. We concern the impact to the environment from our daily jobs, therefore, we use environment-friendly paper or re-usable materials on our publicity or product package. Also, our equipment for showcase will be designed to reuse during different exhibitions.

Moreover, to people and community, we are willing to hire employee among the community to increase the rate of employment in countryside. Meanwhile, we will help the students who need finance support in the community. We welcome people from different religions, races, sexual oriented to join us. THE LAB 808 believe our planet needs various outstanding people to share creativity and work together. On the other hand, we support the environment or animal protection association; we donate to the association based on we selected annually. Be a part of global community, we hope that we can contribute more to the social and ecology.

The LAB 808 is a small team, however, with our continuously effort, we believe we are on the right track to make eco system better. We believe everything we do will left a footprint on planet, the continuous footprints will be a path.

It is always not too late to love our planet.


Team of The Lab 808

Behind The Brand

Besides amazing green materials, THE LAB 808 provides outstanding service to our clients through below steps:

a. General reply within 2 days from our sales representative​.

b. Sample yard for testing.

c. Discussion and Customized based on the sample testing.

d. Mass production, Minimum Order Quantity and Lead Time Adjustment.

e. Shipping before internal testing based on discussion.

f.  Establishing the traceable record.

THE LAB 808 focus on green materials development. There are four general directions that we develop our products:​

a. Reducing the production waste or saving energy from the production.

b. Using recyclable raw material.

c. Using recycled or bio-based raw material.

d. The material could be biodegradable.


We start to provide Non- Phthalate PVC and PU to market. Meanwhile, we focus on juvenile market.


We start to carry green material, such as TPU, TPO, and TPE. Moreover, we expand our market on upholstery industry.


We pay attention to waste reuse program.


We establish The LAB 808, the brand for Eco-friendly material. 

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